Attitudes in Metaphor

"ANIMAN" plays with the similarities between animals and humans, while subtly underscoring respect for all Earth's creatures. Integrating movement and over 20 original masks, you are bound to "see yourself" (or your neighbor) in one of several situations. From Bermuda to Hong Kong; Australia to Poughkeeppsie, "ANIMAN" has gotten rave reviews as part magic, part illusion, always funny and sometimes dramatic.

If you think you have seen masks by looking at them in museums, think again. The "life" of the mask is witnessed only in a live performance.




Peach Orchard Enterprises 8 Juniper Road. Windsor, CT 06095 (860) 687-9849

Stop! Look no further. Larry Hunt and Masque Theatre are the most comprehensive educational enrichment opportunity on the market today. The fine arts quality of Larry's work appeals to both students and staff and the impression he makes is educationally and personally enriching.

Toufy A. Haddad
Assistant Principal
Landstuhl American Elementary/Middle School
Landstuhl, Germany