Comfort Zones
by Larry Hunt

Through the Eyes of a Child

Through the eyes of a youngster, television was truth incarnate.  Truth to the point of assumption.  I assumed everything done, at least in the commercials, was true.  After all, they were selling us products so they could not alter the truth or they would be arrested.  I was sure there were laws regarding this.  My assumptions ranged from the wedding being done by a real minister, surgery by a real doctor and the millionaire actually gave away a million every week.

From Truth to Comfort

When I was just a little boy television was quite a new and amazing concept.  All kinds of events transferred seamlessly from the radio to the visual screen; comedies, dramas, westerns, science fiction, commercials.   Everything was geared to make us feel good; make us feel grateful; superior even. Comfort Zones were created.  Even today we have a difficult time believing that this huge conglomerate may not be telling the public more than half truths.  They wouldn’t dare!

Didn't Madison Dine Out, Too?

Our Comfort Zones still include the cars we drive, the houses we buy, the clothes we wear and the parties we belong to.  Political parties that is.  Before television, people like G. Washington, T. Jefferson, J. Madison all thought political parties were  a bad idea and ultimately destructive to the republic.   Today we realize that to maintain our Comfort Zones we must be very diligent in getting as much work in as possible to pay for the expensive Zone products so we can spend as much time in our favorite Zone, the Zone of Leisure which involves almost everything else, and consumes almost all of our ‘spare’ time; sports, television, movies, dining out, vacations, etc. etc.

But it's so much Fun to Complain!

Almost any time commitment that remains cannot be attributed to any Zones which do not cover a Comfort.  Therein lies the secret to the continued viability of Political Parties.  The Parties will tell us what they represent, and like television commercials, it must be true.  Then we do the very least thing in a Democracy we can do called Voting.  From then on we sit back and enjoy the Comfort Zones which now include a Bitching Zone to complain about the mistakes THEY make, but for the most part we don’t have to be physically or intellectually involved because the Parties have told us exactly what we want to hear as if they are listening to us. 

There's an old joke that goes...

If voting did any good it would be illegal. Hm. Well, if the government actually wanted us involved in politics then the Constitution would be taught at an early age and discussed in restaurants, bars, family circles just like it was at the outset of our country.  Now we realize the Constitution and what it represents is dry and boring and takes reasoning, discussing, responsibility, compromise, responsibility, action and responsibility. So we need ways of teaching it that are stimulating, fun and joyous. Constitution Now was born of this realization.

What could be more Comfortable?




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