Constitution Now a play for contemporary audiences of wide ages and backgrounds. We're not sure why, but the response to this production has been unprecedented. In fact, it has been that response which ultimately inspired us to launch this website. Perhaps it's the times we live in. I don't know. All I know is that we want your school or organization to be able to experience what many others have called transformational.

Specifically what has been almost shocking (though in the nicest way possible) is that everyone from College Deans to Junior High students have taken significant insights from the show. Some of these are reprinted on other pages. Just a little history:

The play was made possible by a grant from Eastern Connecticut State University for ‘Constitution Day’ in September of 2006.  Constitution Day is now an annual event and mandated for recognition in some form by colleges and universities that receive federal funding. The usual form this day takes is to announce on the radio that it is Constitution Day and leave it at that. But back to our story...

We approached the Constitution from its’ original intent; as an important and essential document forming the foundation of our pledged freedoms and necessary to follow for the survival of our fragile republic. 

In the show you'll witness how this “Piece of Parchment” has been an influence, been utilized,  ignored, poked, prodded, stretched, starched, soaked, and sometimes shredded by circumstances during the relatively brief history of the United States. Here's the deal: Without the citizenry of the United States embracing this unique document as the foundation for our legal, ethical and moral principles, we are flying without a net.  The responsibilities for the enactment of the concepts residing in the Constitution rests on the shoulders of all its citizens, not just the elected aristocracy.  For our responsibilities to be understood and embraced, the profound and simply stated principles of the Constitution must be taught, starting at a much earlier age than we used to believe.

The research included primary documents, episodes, and personalities in our history.  At times the journey was enligtening; at other times it was just depressing.  At present, we still say we live on the foundation of this document and the intentions of its founders but there are no guarantees the Constitution or the United States will survive.  Our survival as a democratic republic is dependent upon knowledge of and action taken by citizens who wholeheartedly embrace the doctrines contained in this amazing document.

The resulting 53 minute production adheres to these responsibilities. We hope and trust you'll agree. And by the way, did we mention it's a comedy?

But the play is more than just a performance. Audiences usually stay for a fairly long time after the play in order to ask questions, make comments and generally contribute to an exciting give-and-take colloquy. Sometimes these sessions last almost as long as the play itself. This contributes immeasurably to the learning experience and allows teachers and facilitators to make notes for further discussion and exploration.

How We Stay True to the Source for You

When we started this project, we realized we had something very special. So we showed it to the one man who has perhaps no equal when it comes to his encyclopedic knowledge of the Constitution. Michael Badnarik was the 2004 candidate for President of the United States on the Libertarian ticket. He appeared on the ballot in 48 states and garnered almost a million votes. His book, Good to be King, was endorsed by Representative Ron Paul, 2008 candidate for President on the Republican side.

An Important Endorsement...

Michael had this to say about the play:

"I laughed, I cried, and much to my surprise, this play presents important information that even I didn't know. Steven and Larry have combined the wisdom of the Founding Fathers with the energy and enthusiasm of America's youth, to create a masterpiece of political understanding that you'll want to see over and over again."

...And a New Partnership

Mr. Badnarik feels so strongly about this play that he has decided to work with us to bring the production to every school system in the country. He will join the tour on selected stops and will be available for speaking engagements and to teach his acclaimed classes on the Constiution. This is something you'll be talking to your students about for many years to come.

To make the experience even richer, we offer a full-day workshop to teach the techniques we use to make this experience the joyous phenonomenon it has become for audiences. In this session you and your students will learn physical theatre techniques that bring out the hidden meanings in language. Through games and excercises you'll find yourself recreating some of the most compelling arguments made by the play in ways that cement facts into memory. If you decide to bring "Constitution Now" to your school or organization, you almost can't afford to go without this special workshop.

And for the next season we're going to make a special offer of a highly discounted show when you partake of the workshop. This way you can bring half the school to one performance and half to the next, making your logistics more manageable and your teacher's frazzled day more civilized.

"Constitution Now" is a not a stripped-down solo performance show. It travels with a cast of 6 and a stage manager. What you'll receive is a true theatrical experience combining the styles and techniques of 100 years of theatre (and over 200 years of Constitutional history!).

We're now putting together a waiting list for spring 2010. If you are interested, just click on the question mark or simply send us your question in the spaces provided below.

Here's what you get with "Constitution Now"

"Constitution Now"

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Here is what teachers, students and administrators have said about the show, "Constitution Now"

I’m so glad that so many people saw and enjoyed this performance!  My students certainly did and we had some good discussion about how they would integrate such a performance into their teaching. I thought it was really sharp and excellently researched.

Leslie Ricklin, Education Department, ECSU

I was one of the first people to experience the production along side my sophomore Civics students from Lyman Memorial High School.  All of us left the auditorium that day with not only more information about the US Constitution but also with a more apt understanding as to how the aims, articles and principles therin are designed to protect and serve the citizens of America’s democracy.

Scott H. Yeo, Civics Teacher, Lyman MemMemorialHigh School--Lebonan, CT

“The Constitution: ...” was  much more than a piece to celebrate the signing of the US Constitution.  The results of your writing were truly astounding. the US Constitution is a living and evolving document - not something to be studied as history but a document that is written and interpreted by the people and which continues to change... 

Carmen R. Cid, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, Eastern Connecticut State University.

When this subject can be tackled and broken down and explained to the youth of America, it is most certainly a good thing.  On September 21, 2006, a good thing happened... 

Timothy Donnel, Student, ECSU

Though I am not a person who frequently chooses to go to the theatre and watch plays, I learned a lot from this performance.  In fact, I learned many things that I should have already known, but did not know. 

Navelle Stevenson, Student, ECSU

What a great job you did on the Constitution play !  My mind is still reeling from all the information you packed into it. I did learn a lot, but I also laughed a lot. 

Miriam Chirico, English Professor, ECSU