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“The Constitution: ...” was  much more than a piece to celebrate the signing of the US Constitution.  The results of your writing were truly astounding.  ...how the US Constitution is a living and evolving document - not something to be studied as history but a document that is written and interpreted by the people and which continues to change... 

Carmen R. Cid, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, Eastern Connecticut State University.

 I’m so glad that so many people saw and enjoyed this performance!  My students certainly did and we had some good discussion about how they would integrate such a performance into their teaching.  I thought it was really sharp and excellently researched.           

Leslie Ricklin, Education Department, ECSU

What a great job you did on the Constitution play !  My mind is still reeling from all the information you packed into it. I did learn a lot, but I also laughed a lot. 

 Miriam Chirico, English Professor, ECSU

I was one of the first people to experience the production along side my sophomore Civics students from Lyman Memorial High School.  All of us left the auditorium that day with not only more information about the US Constitution but also with a more apt understanding as to how the aims, articles and principles therin are designed to protect and serve the citizens of America’s democracy.

Scott H. Yeo, Civics Teacher, Lyman MemMemorialHigh School--Lebonan, CT.

The Constituion of the United States of America is one of the world’s most imortant and long-standing legal and political documents.  When this subject can be tackled and broken down and explained to the youth of America, it is most certainly a good thing.  On September 21, 2006, a good thing happened...           

Timothy Donnel, Student, ECSU

...the main themes that jumped out at the viewer, were the ideas of questioning and thinking.              

Nicole Paradis,  Student,  ECSU

Though I am not a person who frequently chooses to go to the theatre and watch plays, I learned a lot from this performance.  In fact, I learned many things that I should have already known, but did not know. 

Navelle Stevenson, Student, ECSU

After the first couple minutes of serious music and posture of the characters entering the stage ended and the comedic antics of the cast took over, I was engulfed in the performance until the end when I was slightly disappointed to see it end.  

Santo Ciarcia, Student, ECSU



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