"This World, The Next, and Then the Peach Orchard"

A Theatrical Variety Show

Non-verbal characters and situations, characters seemingly of unknown origins and some more recognizable, will grace the stage throughout the production. A visage of Gandhi in puppet form makes an appearance. The “Weapon” and its effect on the ego is demonstrated. A short visit from another planet is possible as well as appearances by various specimens from the animal world.
Characters, metaphors, experiences shared and stories within stories are all part of
“This World, The Next, And Then The Peach Orchard”

The production has no set requirements but uses lighting for the scenery. This is a vignette type of show which uses over 20 masks and puppets in approximately 11 different situations. Music is also used in the production on a CD format.

Mr. Hunt and Friends



Peach Orchard Enterprises 8 Juniper Road Windsor, CT 06095 (860) 687-9849

Stop! Look no further. Larry Hunt and Masque Theatre are the most comprehensive educational enrichment opportunity on the market today. The fine arts quality of Larry's work appeals to both students and staff and the impression he makes is educationally and personally enriching.

Toufy A. Haddad
Assistant Principal
Landstuhl American Elementary/Middle School
Landstuhl, Germany